Beth Olson, Current District 3 County Commissioner

"As the current Commissioner representing the west side I know and trust Ashley to represent us. She advocates and listens, she has the experience needed to engage with our Public Health and Human Services, and the conviction to stick up for others when there is some sticking up to do."

Wendy Wohlwend AFSCME Local 66 Chair

"St. Louis County District 3 deserves a commissioner who cares deeply about people and is passionate about the County delivering effective services.


As a long-time resident in western Duluth, I am excited to have endorsed Ashley Grimm – she is a strong pro-union candidate and she will represent us well on the County Board. AFSCME members know how important it is that our elected leaders genuinely care about improving people’s lives. I strongly encourage everyone to join me in supporting Ashley Grimm!"

Helen Clanaugh MN Young DFL Vice President


"Ashley Grimm has always been a champion for working class people, young folks, and our most vulnerable communities. She continuously shows up in her community not because she has to, but because she cares. As MYDFL continues to grow a base in Greater MN, candidates like Ashley will be crucial. She holds progressive values near to her heart and will always stand with the people, even if it isn’t the popular thing at the time. She leads with courage and compassion, and she would make a fantastic County Commissioner for St. Louis County."