"I care about our communities in the western part of Duluth. I'm proud to be making my future here. City Council needs to start seeing Western Duluth and I will fight for us to have the say we deserve."
          - Ashley Grimm
Improving Education and Opportunites for Youth

Youth in Western Duluth deserve better opportunities in and out of the classroom. As the youth programming manager at the Damiano Center, I have developed inclusive and meaningful programming that gives kids opportunities to improve their own community. Our youth deserve more opportunities like that.

Working with children for most of my life, I have learned that there is no better investment in the future of a community than investing in the next generation. It's time for Duluth to invest in our children's future.

Supporting Businesses and Workers

When I was growing up in Barnum, small businesses and union jobs were the primary family-supporting jobs. In Duluth, unions and small businesses make a huge difference in the lives of working families.


Well-paying jobs are critical to the success and prosperity of our city and all of us who live and work here. People who work full time should earn enough to support themselves. As your city councilor, I will actively support business development and workers' rights.

Affordable Housing

We need to stop asking community members to take on the burden of Duluth's lack of affordable housing. Our parents, siblings, and adult children need the opportunity to afford their own housing. Our city has seen recent investment in housing, but most of us simply can't afford it.


Duluthians need affordable rental opportunities and homes that people can afford to purchase. Families, seniors, and students have different needs and all should be welcome in our community. For our western neighborhoods to prosper, we need housing opportunities for everyone. 

Investing in our Parks and Public Places

Duluth's western neighborhoods are full of natural beauty, and we deserve parks, trails and green spaces that allow residents to enjoy nature to its fullest. When we moved here, my husband Luke and I fell in love with Duluth's parks and trails. Luke now works on parks and trails for Duluth's Park Maintenance Department. 


These are places where we play, exercise, and connect with our neighbors, the water, and the land. Our parks and green spaces improve our health and create community. I support high quality parks that are fully maintained and accessible to all. 

Increasing Childcare Access 

I will speak up for moms and dads who are in need of childcare like my family was when I was growing up. Duluth's childcare shortage prevents young families from being able to live and work here. In order to have successful communities and families we need more childcare. I will encourage thoughtful, mixed use development in our city that includes childcare. 

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