We’ve been fortunate in the western part of Duluth to have County Board representation that gets what is at stake and that has been willing to advocate for the community’s needs. I will continue that tradition. I will fight to keep progress where we have made it, including reducing reoffense rates of juvenile offenders, stabilizing out-of-home placements, and building connections with state and city representatives to coordinate projects, and will work collaboratively to address the areas where we still need movement.
Strong Public Health Initiatives







Our efforts to address the opioid epidemic are also critical for community health. Whether it is through a loved one or personal experience, addiction affects many of our lives, and I support increasing access to evidence-based treatment programs throughout our county. 

Improving Roads and Infrastructure


The county oversees 3,000 miles of roads and 600 bridges. We have cut the number of roads deemed “in very poor condition” in half, and need to continue to invest in road maintenance and effective snow removal, and partner with the state and federal government for continued maintenance funds.

Responsive, Transparent Government


What you do and how you do it matters. I am a dedicated advocate for transparency and accountability. We can’t move forward unless we are honest about where we’ve been and what we can learn from. I am committed to a fully accountable and responsive county board.

St. Louis County’s Public Health and Human Services will be a pivotal part of the Covid-19 response. I will advocate for public health nurses to be armed with the protective equipment and resources they need to respond to high-risk and uninsured populations. Part of a successful county response is also the creation of shelter options for people who lack housing, which reduces community risk and provides a place for after-care. 

Ashley and her sister, a nurse for

Covid-19 patients

Increased Housing Options

Over the last 10 years rents in Duluth have increased dramatically, luxury apartments have sprung up while housing options for working-class families lag, and western neighborhoods have suffered from increased blight and lack of investment.


I support continued coordination with the city to systematically assess thousands of tax-forfeited properties that can be sold to the city for housing and economic development or conserved for environmental efforts. I also support direct investment in more housing with supports and the implementation of long-range plans that reduce community displacement and provide a long-term vision for our community. 

Strong Child Protective Services


Protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect is a top priority. I will prioritize supportive services that help keep families together. In cases where this is not possible, it is pivotal to provide support for children through strong social services, foster placements, and programs proven to help children become successful, healthy adults.

Increased Childcare Access 


I will speak up for moms and dads who are in need of childcare like my family was when I was growing up. Duluth's childcare shortage prevents young families from being able to live and work here. In order to have successful communities and families we need more childcare. I will encourage thoughtful, mixed use development in our city that includes childcare.